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Economic Plan

Economic Plan


Standard Email & SMS Plan: Balanced and Efficient. Our Standard Plan offers robust email features and reliable SMS delivery, perfect for growing businesses seeking effective communication solutions without the high costs.



Description of Standard Plan for Email and SMS Service:

“Enhance Your Communication with Our Standard Email and SMS Plan”

Our Standard Plan is designed for businesses seeking reliable and efficient email and SMS services. This plan offers a perfect balance of features and affordability, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses ready to elevate their communication strategies.

Key Features:

  • Robust Email Capabilities: Send and receive emails with enhanced security and spam protection.
  • Reliable SMS Delivery: Reach your customers directly with our dependable SMS service.
  • Moderate Sending Limits: Ideal for regular communication without the need for high-volume sending.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Manage your emails and SMS campaigns effortlessly with our intuitive platform.
  • Basic Analytics: Track the performance of your emails and SMS campaigns with fundamental analytics tools.
  • Customer Support: Access our dedicated support team for any assistance you need.

With our Standard Plan, you get the tools necessary for effective communication, ensuring your messages always reach the right audience.


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